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Dear Friend,

Blogging has been the hottest thing on the internet since the past few years and names like Daniel Scocco, Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow etc. have all emerged as hot properties on the internet.

1365654497_Help-FileTalk about blogging and we also have blogs like icanhazcheeseburger.com and searchengineland.com who have become specialists in their niches..

But How can all this help you?

Irrespective of the route you took to come to this page, one thing is for sure – You are a Blogger! But there is something that is haunting you..

Let me ask you a few questions? If you answer any of these in a “Yes”, then you are at the right place.

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  • Are you tired of finding fresh content for your blogs everyday?
  • Tired of writing and producing  pillar content for your blogs, to attract readers?
  • Are you still struggling to make that first dollar off your blog?
  • Is you blog facing a dearth of comments?
  • Is you blog becoming a pain in the backside for you?
  • Are you running out of ideas for writing?
  • Do you need to push yourself everyday to write that one article you committed you will write for you blog?
Don’t Be Upset. You Are Not Alone!

Blog CurationI started blogging in 2007 and the niche I chose was career building and personal development because that was what I specialized in. After writing every other day for almost an year, I felt I was running out of ideas. My blog had only a trickle of visitors and there were nobody who would comment on it..

I felt I was blogging for myself.

I dragged myself to keep writing for another 2 years but the result was nothing better than what it was..

In 2011,I stumbled upon a blog called Huffington Post and was amazed at the amount of content it was churning out everyday. One thing was sure.. it was not one person doing it.

As I kept browsing through the blog, I clicked on one article that took me to a different blog and I found that part of the content was the same as on Huffington Post..

I was zapped..

After a while I figured out something!

Duplicate Content is not what it is as explained by the GURU Bloggers!

I have been hearing about the penalty from Google for duplicate content and that you should even avoid displaying complete articles on you home page because that acts as duplicate content to your individual post pages etc..

Then, Why wasn’t Huffington Post being penalized?

Its posts were on the first page of Google for a lot of competitive terms.Google

It had thousands of readers and extremely high reader engagement.

Arianna Huffington was a celebrity in spite of the fact that her blog was full of duplicate content..

It meant that there was something legal about using other’s content.. Duplicacy or, copying content was a term that had something else also associated with it. There was a thin line of difference between copying content and what Huffington Post was doing..

Also, the fact that Google hates Duplicate content was incorrect. There was something specific about the duplicate content that Google hated.

There were numerous such questions but with very few answers. So I knew I had to research and dig deep into this to understand what was so different about what Huffington Post was doing.

After spending another 4 months researching and studying various books, the reason dawned upon me,

Duplicate Content Vs Curated Content

Curation was not a new discovery. It was something that was there since ages.

Orators and Speakers have a habit of using quotes from famous people in the exact same way that they has quoted. Was that copying?

Books from a lot of authors also used this method of copying quotes. But it did not fall into the category of “COPYING” or, “STEALING” because of the following –

  • They gave credit to the original speaker or, author.
  • They blended the content with some of their own but without altering the copied content.
  • The content was used as references without actually being made the only content in their work.

This was precisely what Huffington Post was also doing. They were using content from others but only after blending with their own thoughts and after giving due credit to their original author.

Basically they were Curating Content..

So What is Blog Curation and what is the right way of doing it?

I too, had the same questions.

  • What are the guidelines to curating content?
  • Where do you find content to be curated?
  • How to find the topic to be curated?
  • How do I make money of blog curation?

I spent hours and months studying and researching blog curation. I even joined a few courses (and I paid a fortune for that – Monopoly, you see) and started my first curated blog..

3 months down the line and my blog was an authority blog. It has close to 4,000 subscribers, a ton of comments, was ranking on the first page of Google for a handful of competitive keywords.

What did I do to get that kind of results?

Introducing Blog Curation Blueprint!

blog curation blueprint

Blog Curation Blueprint is a complete step-by-step video course where I teach you everything that you need to know about curating content – from researching niches and keywords to installing a wordpress blog and finding content for your blog.

It consists of 16 modules each covering a different aspect of setting up your curated blog.

Here’s What is Included in these Modules.
blog curation blueprint course

Module – 1: Blog Curation Basics

This module deals with the introduction to Blog Curation, the do’s and dont’s and the basic guidelines to follow.

blog curation blueprint course

Module – 2: Niche Research

This module deals with identifying the niche to build the blog in and goes into explaining in details as to how to research a niche.

blog curation blueprint course

Module – 3 : Keyword Research

Once you have identified you niche you will have to research your keywords to be used in your blog posts. This module teaches you how to do keyword research, how to find keywords for your topics so that they rank on the 1st page of Google.

blog curation blueprint course

Modules 4 – 7 : Blog Setup

This part deals with installing and setting up your blog by installing the correct plugin, the right themes and so on..

blog curation blueprint course

Modules 8 – 11 : Finding Affiliate Offers

Once you have identified your niche and setup your blog, you need to find affiliate offers that you will promote in your blogs. Ultimately making money is the goal, Isn’t it?

blog curation blueprint course

Modules 12 – 15 : Generating Content

These modules discuss in details on various methods used to find relevant content to be curated, how to curate and post these to your blog.

blog curation blueprint course

Module 16 : Generating Traffic and Making Money

The final module discusses in detail, how to generate traffic to your blogs and how to make money out of them.

Bonus Material and Video

excel spreadsheet

My Personal Keyword Research Spreadsheet:

This is a simple but handy little tool that I use to do keyword research. If you do not want to invest in a keyword research tool right now, you can use this simple spreadsheet..

blog curation blueprint course
Bonus Video – FREE Curation Tool:

In this video I show you a FREE curation tool that is extremely useful and works amazingly well in blog curation..

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I Know You were waiting for this and I totally understand that. I too, have all my reservations when somebody offers me a digital product these days.

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So on that note, here is what you will receive when you order today!

  • The Complete Video Training Course on Blog Curation
  • My Personal Keyword Research Spreadsheet
  • The Bonus video with the link to the FREE Curation tool.

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PS: I am not pulling down this page in the near future. So you need not worry about that but you really need to worry about what you did differently in the last month or, so that will change your fortunes. If your answer is “NOTHING”, then this course here could change that for you..

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